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05Mar 2021

Leveraging Social Media In Pharmacy

Investigators have described the benefits of social media in the pharmacy community health setting in the Journal of Basic and Clinical Physiology and Pharmacology. Pharmacy practitioners would benefit from the use of social media to curate customer loyalty, educate misinformed patients, improve customer service, and promote pharmacy services. Pharmacy managers should seek ideas from personnel and customers, and advocate for proper social media utilization among all employees.

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24Feb 2021

COVID-19 and Metformin: What diabetes patients need to know

Despite earlier research suggesting that metformin prescribed to treat type 2 diabetes might confer some level of protection against severe COVID-19, a recent study finds that the most commonly prescribed glucose-lowering agent has no influence on either susceptibility to or outcomes from infection with novel coronavirus.

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01Feb 2021

Improving Safe Disposal Of Medications With Pharmacy Dropbox

Research has found that patient awareness and education are lacking on safe and secure ways to dispose of unwanted medications. Research shows that the presence of a dropbox at a pharmacy was associated with greater patient awareness of proper drug disposal and pharmacists making recommendations to patients about safe disposal. Education about safe disposal methods is an issue for pharmacists, with many unaware of the implications of different drug disposal options.

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